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Lost in Translation

We all know that there can be many different meanings to one word. This of course being the homophone. But did you ever encounter the difference in the meaning of a word when you are with someone from another country?


I was only married to my husband for about a month when he asked me for lipstick. I have to say, I was a little nervous when he asked me for this item. Translation for someone from India – my lips are chapped and I a need some chap stick. Translation from my perspective – should I be worried that I married a man that might look better in my lipstick than me?

Prime Rib

We had been married for some time at this point, so I know my husband does not like steak.  When he ordered the prime rib, I was a little surprised. When the waitress served the meal, my husband politely explained to the women that he had ordered the primed ribs, not this steak. Translation for someone from another country – ribs that are prime, best portion. Translation for someone in the U.S.- steak.


Our friend Anjya was here from Germany doing an internship. She came home one day and asked us why people at her office where laughing when she asked if anyone had a rubber she could use. Translation to someone from Germany – an eraser. Translation for someone in the U.S – you know!! 


I really don’t remember what I asked my husband for, but I do remember his response being something like, “I think it’s in my dicky.” Translation for someone from India – it’s in my trunk. Translation for someone in the U.S – for about 99% of the people it means a turtleneck, the other 1%, get your minds out of the gutter!












The Dilemma

For Christmas my son received a gift card for Golfsmith. Of course the only Golfsmith shop around is 30 minutes from our house so we decided to make a family trip. We enjoyed lunch, went to the movies and then headed to the Golfsmith store. As soon as we entered a gentleman was there to greet us and direct us to clubs. I think he saw us coming with the sign on our heads that read, “clueless”. In that pile was a Ping driver. For those of you who are not familiar with golf, Ping is like the Mercedes or BMW of clubs. I learned that as we listened to the sales person explain why this driver would be good for our son. I questioned whether my son, who is only 15, and not on a golf team, really needed a club that cost more than his entire club set. So despite my hesitation, my husband and I kicked in the extra money needed for Kern to make the purchase. I know this should have been the dilemma but it is not, I was silly enough to let him buy the driver.

Today Kern decided to go play a round of golf with some friends. While at the driving range, one of his friends wanted to try the new driver. Apparently he hit the ground as he was swinging and accidently broke the shaft. His father drove him to my house to have him apologize and offer to pay to replace it. My son stood behind them nervous about how we would react. I think he was a little taken back when I merely said, “accidents happen.” When they left Kern asked why I was not upset and I told him that I know that his friend is a good kid and I know that he would not intentionally break the club.

My friend is insisting that her son pay for the item because she wants to teach him a lesson about touching things that don’t belong to him. I actually don’t want to have this kid pay for it because I know it was an accident. I could see the sincerity in his face when he apologized and offered to buy another one. I’m torn because I know she wants to teach him a lesson, but I know that accidents happen.  What a dilemma!

The Weekend

Thank goodness it is Friday. Looking forward to spending time with the family. All I have scheduled right now is to take my son for his physical tomorrow morning. Then I get to sit with my husband all weekend long enjoying the fun and exciting task of preparing the taxes. Yeah for me! This should be a fun filled weekend.

Are They Spoiled?

I came home yesterday to find that the wind had blown down our basketball hoop even though it was anchored into the ground. It seems that our attempt to keep it from being blown over, only caused more damage because the pole cracked completely off the base. Now we have a basketball base anchored to the ground with no pole or hoop. Well at least the anchors worked!

My boys did not seem too upset so I brought it up for conversation.

“I can’t believe that wind blew the hoop over again. I thought those anchors would work.”

My older son said, “Well I guess we are just going to have to go buy another one.”

Which of course prompted me to say, “Who is included in this ‘we’ that you are talking about?” I love the way my boys imply that they have the power to spend my money. Does anyone else have that same problem with their children?

“Are you planning on paying the $250 to have it replaced?”  I asked. All I hear is a little snicker.

“Mom, it is not a big deal, it is only $250.”

“Well if it’s NO BIG DEAL then you pay for the hoop to be replaced.” Complete silence for about one minute. He just went upstairs to do his homework and I went into the kitchen to start the exciting task of preparing dinner.

While I was cooking, I kept thinking about my son’s response. The way he was talking made me think my husband and I might be giving them a little too much.  Then I hear a glimmer of hope, my older son was making plans to help his friend study for his geometry test. My son Andrew was on the phone trying to recruit friends to help volunteer at the library. I realized then, that maybe my kids have a lot more than I did when I was little. And yeah, sometimes they might take it for granted, but they are just kids and sometimes they just expect the adults in their life to fix the problems. In this case unfortunately it is a $250 problem. I still might consider taking a small contribution from both of them. You know, the money you take from them to teach them a lesson, and then deposit it right back into their savings accounts.









Every time I think I have something to write about it just does not come out the way I intend. I have 7 drafts at this time – none of them close to being completed. I can not seem to get inspired to finish.  When I get started and I am on a roll, my children come running in the room and disrupt me. I get frustrated with all these interruptions and lose my train of thought. I need to find somewhere quiet in my house to write. You would think that would be possible, but it is not. They will find me wherever I am. I’m not sure how that happens. When I am cleaning and calling them to ask for help they are nowhere to be found. Maybe that is the key, I should pretend I am cleaning, leave the vacuum running,  and they will pretend they are busy doing homework or something else important.

If that fails, I think I am going to use my husband’s reward points and get myself a nice hotel downtown for the weekend. Maybe then I will have the peace and quiet that I need to focus on my writing and get some time to relax.

The Weather

I really hope that this weather pattern is a good indication that we will have a better Spring than last year. I was still wearing a winter jacket in May during one of my son’s baseball games. Baseball starts April 6th. I’m looking forward to sitting on the bleachers with the sun shinning and not wearing my winter jacket. Play ball!

Is This Time Change Necesary?

Is this time change really necessary? I had to force myself to go to bed last night when it was technically only 8:30 p.m. I woke up this morning and it was still dark outside. I  just got use to waking up to it being light outside. There is also medical research that suggests that people over a certain age can have a stroke within 2 days of the time change. So I ask again, is this time change really necessary?

The Championship

The boys on the Spurs had a great season. Down by 14 points, the boys went on the defense not only keeping the opponent from scoring but also intercepting the ball. Their fantastic defense followed by offensive points forced the game into over time.  Spectators biting their nails with anticipation. Who will come out ahead? Yeah!! The Spurs pulled off a fantastic win yesterday with only 1 minute left in the game. Spurs win 44-43.

Today was the championship. Our boys were out matched by size. The opponents were so tall, at times I lost sight of my son as he weaved his way through the lane. Over all, it was a great game to watch. We did not win, but we kept on fighting to the end.

Is it a Guy Thing?

I don’t know if it just my husband, but he is willing to help clean the house when company is expected. Our grass and bushes will be the best manicured lawn and bushes on the block. If there is snow on the ground he will make sure that the sidewalk and driveway are shoveled. The workout room will be wiped and all weights put in the proper place. He will  go as far as to clean out the file cabinet in case there are any papers that do not need to be in the file anymore. He will even take the time to shred them so that they are not in view of any guests. You know just in case our guests, go upstairs past our dogs, across the loft and into his office to open the file cabinet. We would not want our guests to see that we have papers in files that don’t belong there. He does all of this with out me even asking.

Of course I am being quit sarcastic, but this is what he tends to do in preparation for  a gathering. However, the one thing I have to give my husband credit for is that when I ask him to do something, he never complains. We really do work well as a team. He is just the type of person who needs a “Honey Do List”, which I provide so he knows how to prioritize. After all, I’m okay with a nicely manicured lawn, updated files etc., its just that I think our guest would prefer to have chairs to sit on, something to drink, and food to eat.



Things are Changing

Family movie night starting in 10 minutes. The problem, one of our family members is not joining us. My older son is not here because he has been invited out with friends. Its not like he has never gone out with friends before, but it is the first time he is getting picked up by one of his friends. Its the first time I had to give him a curfew because I am not picking him up and able to control the time. I don’t think  I am ready for this stage of freedom.

Its been 2 hours since I wrote the opening. I could not concentrate enough to continue writing. I even had a hard time watching the movie. This stage is definitely not going to bode well for me.

It is now 10:00. I am relieved my son is where he belongs -home.