Complete Opposites

From the time my second son was born I could see the difference. My first son had an olive complexion and had a full head of dark hair. Andrew was pale and almost bald. He was the perfect baby who slept when he was suppose to, and ate without a problem etc. My older son Kern had me in tears because  he wouldn’t eat or sleep.  Andrew is very affectionate while Kern tends to shy away and resist the hugs. Kern is tall, Andrew is short – just complete opposites.

When Andrew was in kindergarten he liked to dress in dress shirts and a tie, while I was lucky to get my older son to wear clothes that matched.  The easiest way to get Andrew to listen was to tell him that he couldn’t wear a tie to school the next day. I know I’m showing my age here, but I use to call him my little Alex P. Keaton, and boy did he live up to that nickname. He no longer likes to wear dress clothes to school , but he is like a shark when it comes to his finances, is on the Junior National Honor Society, and is very artistic. The first time I asked him for $10, he gave me the money I asked for accompanied by a promissory note he wanted me to sign to remind me to pay him back. This was at the age of 8 or 9. He is now 12 and has requested a leather briefcase for his important papers. What important papers could a 12 year old possibly have? But of course, my husband went out while on his trip in India, and bought Andrew his own leather briefcase. Kern doesn’t really think any papers are important, but the ones he does keep are thrown into a plastic bag that is in his closet. Kern couldn’t find a dime if he needed it, never really put effort into school work (until now), and couldn’t draw a stick figure if he wanted. Okay, maybe a stick figure and that’s about all! He couldn’t even copy the figures from Diary of a Whimpy Kid. Andrew had to help him.  I just chuckle when I think about how different Andrew is from his older brother, complete opposites! However, despite all the differences, I see the common denominator (that’s the math teacher in me), the bond they have as brothers.

Andrew loans Kern money or reminds Kern that it is a special occasion and he should start to save to buy gifts. He even helps Kern with his projects that require some creativity. Kern helps Andrew with his pitching and ways he can drive to the basket to score in basketball. Even though Kern is 15 he still finds time to goof around with his little brother. They play flag football in the yard, and play on the same team against other kids on the block.  It’s really nice to see how they rely on each other. I hope this bond continues when they become adults.

Even though my boys are so different, from personality to appearance,  every once in awhile when I see a picture of the boys when they were young, my husband and I really have to look twice to see if it is Andrew or Kern. We also noticed that in many of the pictures from when they were little, they are either smiling at each other or hugging.


4 thoughts on “Complete Opposites

  1. Aw. This is so sweet. I love that no matter how different they are, they complement one another and have that really strong bond only brothers can have.


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