The Power of Music

There are days I can not remember where I put my keys, if I brought the dogs back in from the cold, or if I locked the door upon my departure. But for some strange reason, music has the power to evoke an emotion or memory as if it just happened. I am overwhelmed with nostalgia as certain songs play.

Smoke on the Water, Stairway to Heaven, Another Brick in the Wall –My mom and dad sitting with friends on the coach at our house on Karlov. Its late at night and my brother and I are pretending to be sleeping.

Galileo (Indigo Girls) – First drive to college. It is snowing and my friend’s brother volunteered to drive the U-Haul for me.  Love that record!

If I Could Reach – The song my instructor played as I was on my last sparring practice in preparation for my competition for top ten. I made it!!!!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Believe – Songs I played when I met my husband to be. I’m in my little house doing my own version of what people call dancing.

Little Boy on His Knees, by Cheri Keaggy – The song that came after finding out that I was pregnant. Guess what, I had a little boy. In fact, I was blessed with 2 great boys.

Lazy Mary – My son Kern, about 10 months, in his pajamas, sitting in front of the stereo, bouncing back and forth to the beat to the point that he falls over. It was soooo cute!

A New Day – I heard this song a few weeks after my father passed away. I found out I was pregnant with my little Andrew. Every time I play the song I want to dance with my little guy.

I Hope You Dance  – A song I want my boys to live by. I use to dance with them in my arms and sing this to them when they were little, ( off key I might add). My Andrew still lets me pick him up and dance with him when I play either song by Celine Dion. I’m not sure why, but a great sense of emotion pours over me almost every single time. He senses my sadness and puts his head on my shoulder and hugs me.

When I get older and my memory fades, I hope that the power of music takes me back to all these wonderful memories. I have my playlist ready!!!









4 thoughts on “The Power of Music

  1. agreed music breaks meaning to the moment. It makes me realize that memory is a multifaceted dynamic…this week I am having the kids study song lyrics so they will choose a promotion song that has some meaning rather than …


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