What Could One Possibly Learn from Her?

No formal higher education other than high school

Two kids by the age of 20

Married to the popular boy who doesn’t know how to be a husband or father

Crying at night because she cant feed her children more than hotdogs or mac n cheese unless someone from the family offers some groceries

Crying because all of the family possessions are burned in a fire and she has no way to replace them

Frustrated and sad because no matter how many jobs she works, she has to tell her children that she cant afford to buy the new toy on the market, or pay for a fieldtrip…

Smiling because she gets off early on Tuesdays and gets to be with her kids

What could I possibly learn her? Because of her…

I learned that an education can get you a good paying job, but it does not define your character

I learned that no matter what age you have your children, love them like there is no tomorrow

I learned to marry for something more than popularity, and that sometimes love can be so strong that you are blinded by the truth.I learned that I want to have a man that is both a loving father and husband.

I learned that no matter what you can afford to feed your children, help them appreciate the work it took to provide the meal

I learned that the family has to come together in a crisis to make things better. I learned team work, compassion, perseverance, and self sacrifice.

I learned the value of money. I learned how much hard work it takes to pay for college and other things I wanted. I am learning how hard it is to say no to my children when they are crying for something. My biggest regret is making my mom feel bad when she couldn’t give me money for the things I wanted. At the same time, I want my kids to see that nothing in this world is free without some hard work behind it. So I will let them want, although I’m hurting inside,  it an attempt to help them appreciate what it takes to get it.

I am learning that the time I spend with my family watching movies, vacations, family holidays are the most cherished memories. And I smile knowing I get to spend time with them.

There are many great philosophers who discussed the idea of whether one learns best from the experience itself or if one has to actually experience it. For me, I know I do not have to experience everything personally to learn from it. Unfortunately, my mom experienced some of those things for me. She saved me from some of those hard life experiences. Because of her I knew what I wanted for my life. I learned I was going to have to do more than just have my hand out expecting others to help. I found guidance and strength in my mother’s experiences. I learned how strong my mom  was in the face of adversity. And I am glad I have a mom like mine to lead the way!

The question is, could I learn from her? The answer, a definitive yes, I learned a lot from my mom. And I am still learning.




2 thoughts on “What Could One Possibly Learn from Her?

  1. Moms are so important and so powerful. Please share with your mom. She will appreciate that you understand her struggle.


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