Is it a Guy Thing?

I don’t know if it just my husband, but he is willing to help clean the house when company is expected. Our grass and bushes will be the best manicured lawn and bushes on the block. If there is snow on the ground he will make sure that the sidewalk and driveway are shoveled. The workout room will be wiped and all weights put in the proper place. He will  go as far as to clean out the file cabinet in case there are any papers that do not need to be in the file anymore. He will even take the time to shred them so that they are not in view of any guests. You know just in case our guests, go upstairs past our dogs, across the loft and into his office to open the file cabinet. We would not want our guests to see that we have papers in files that don’t belong there. He does all of this with out me even asking.

Of course I am being quit sarcastic, but this is what he tends to do in preparation for  a gathering. However, the one thing I have to give my husband credit for is that when I ask him to do something, he never complains. We really do work well as a team. He is just the type of person who needs a “Honey Do List”, which I provide so he knows how to prioritize. After all, I’m okay with a nicely manicured lawn, updated files etc., its just that I think our guest would prefer to have chairs to sit on, something to drink, and food to eat.




One thought on “Is it a Guy Thing?

  1. LOL! I think it’s great that your hubby does all of these things, especially without being asked. My husband is an excellent cook and he takes care of most meals. I am the cleanup crew. It’s nice to work as a team.


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