The Championship

The boys on the Spurs had a great season. Down by 14 points, the boys went on the defense not only keeping the opponent from scoring but also intercepting the ball. Their fantastic defense followed by offensive points forced the game into over time.  Spectators biting their nails with anticipation. Who will come out ahead? Yeah!! The Spurs pulled off a fantastic win yesterday with only 1 minute left in the game. Spurs win 44-43.

Today was the championship. Our boys were out matched by size. The opponents were so tall, at times I lost sight of my son as he weaved his way through the lane. Over all, it was a great game to watch. We did not win, but we kept on fighting to the end.


3 thoughts on “The Championship

  1. So hard to lose a championship! But I’m not sure you can call 44-43 and actual loss. It’s more just a stressful way to watch time run out.


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