Every time I think I have something to write about it just does not come out the way I intend. I have 7 drafts at this time – none of them close to being completed. I can not seem to get inspired to finish.  When I get started and I am on a roll, my children come running in the room and disrupt me. I get frustrated with all these interruptions and lose my train of thought. I need to find somewhere quiet in my house to write. You would think that would be possible, but it is not. They will find me wherever I am. I’m not sure how that happens. When I am cleaning and calling them to ask for help they are nowhere to be found. Maybe that is the key, I should pretend I am cleaning, leave the vacuum running,  and they will pretend they are busy doing homework or something else important.

If that fails, I think I am going to use my husband’s reward points and get myself a nice hotel downtown for the weekend. Maybe then I will have the peace and quiet that I need to focus on my writing and get some time to relax.


2 thoughts on “Disrupted

  1. I often feel this way too!!!! I have at least one draft of a slice from two years ago…maybe soon I will feel inspired by it again!!! I do like the idea of a getaway to get focused…😄


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