Are They Spoiled?

I came home yesterday to find that the wind had blown down our basketball hoop even though it was anchored into the ground. It seems that our attempt to keep it from being blown over, only caused more damage because the pole cracked completely off the base. Now we have a basketball base anchored to the ground with no pole or hoop. Well at least the anchors worked!

My boys did not seem too upset so I brought it up for conversation.

“I can’t believe that wind blew the hoop over again. I thought those anchors would work.”

My older son said, “Well I guess we are just going to have to go buy another one.”

Which of course prompted me to say, “Who is included in this ‘we’ that you are talking about?” I love the way my boys imply that they have the power to spend my money. Does anyone else have that same problem with their children?

“Are you planning on paying the $250 to have it replaced?”  I asked. All I hear is a little snicker.

“Mom, it is not a big deal, it is only $250.”

“Well if it’s NO BIG DEAL then you pay for the hoop to be replaced.” Complete silence for about one minute. He just went upstairs to do his homework and I went into the kitchen to start the exciting task of preparing dinner.

While I was cooking, I kept thinking about my son’s response. The way he was talking made me think my husband and I might be giving them a little too much.  Then I hear a glimmer of hope, my older son was making plans to help his friend study for his geometry test. My son Andrew was on the phone trying to recruit friends to help volunteer at the library. I realized then, that maybe my kids have a lot more than I did when I was little. And yeah, sometimes they might take it for granted, but they are just kids and sometimes they just expect the adults in their life to fix the problems. In this case unfortunately it is a $250 problem. I still might consider taking a small contribution from both of them. You know, the money you take from them to teach them a lesson, and then deposit it right back into their savings accounts.









2 thoughts on “Are They Spoiled?

  1. How do you do it right? Our kids have all of their needs met and sometimes can’t tell the difference between a need and a want…and then they make plans to give up free time to help others. How can you call that spoiled? You must be doing something right.


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