The Dilemma

For Christmas my son received a gift card for Golfsmith. Of course the only Golfsmith shop around is 30 minutes from our house so we decided to make a family trip. We enjoyed lunch, went to the movies and then headed to the Golfsmith store. As soon as we entered a gentleman was there to greet us and direct us to clubs. I think he saw us coming with the sign on our heads that read, “clueless”. In that pile was a Ping driver. For those of you who are not familiar with golf, Ping is like the Mercedes or BMW of clubs. I learned that as we listened to the sales person explain why this driver would be good for our son. I questioned whether my son, who is only 15, and not on a golf team, really needed a club that cost more than his entire club set. So despite my hesitation, my husband and I kicked in the extra money needed for Kern to make the purchase. I know this should have been the dilemma but it is not, I was silly enough to let him buy the driver.

Today Kern decided to go play a round of golf with some friends. While at the driving range, one of his friends wanted to try the new driver. Apparently he hit the ground as he was swinging and accidently broke the shaft. His father drove him to my house to have him apologize and offer to pay to replace it. My son stood behind them nervous about how we would react. I think he was a little taken back when I merely said, “accidents happen.” When they left Kern asked why I was not upset and I told him that I know that his friend is a good kid and I know that he would not intentionally break the club.

My friend is insisting that her son pay for the item because she wants to teach him a lesson about touching things that don’t belong to him. I actually don’t want to have this kid pay for it because I know it was an accident. I could see the sincerity in his face when he apologized and offered to buy another one. I’m torn because I know she wants to teach him a lesson, but I know that accidents happen.  What a dilemma!


One thought on “The Dilemma

  1. Yes, accidents can happen. However, I think that when you break something that doesn’t belong to you, even unintentionally, it should be replaced or repaired. I don’t see this as punishment, just as a way to make it up to the owner. I think it teaches a life lesson (not punishment) about taking care of each other.


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